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Land Surveying

MTN2COAST LLC (M2C) is a reliable efficient land surveying company.  We specialize in boundary surveys, Boundary adjustments, Topographic mapping, legal descriptions and easement preparation.  We also are involved 3D laser scanning. 



Boundary Surveying

Boundary lines are a key element to most projects.  M2C understands the research and surveying needed to accurately determine the boundary lines of a project.



Land Segregation and Boundary Line Adjustments

M2C helps our clients through the process of segregating their parcels or adjusting the boundary lines between multiple parcels. We understand the city and county processes for completing these activities and provide valuable guidance to our clients.



Legal Descriptions and Easement Preparation

M2C has experience in preparing legal descriptions and easements for many applications.  From new waterline easement to a legal description for the segregation of a piece of property, our surveyors understand how to prepare these documents.



Topographic (Design) Mapping

M2C understands the importance of accurate and complete topographic mapping to the success of any project. With our background in engineering and surveying we work with our clients to prepare a comprehensive scope for topography projects.



Laser Scanning

Laser scanning is relatively new technology that M2C uses for complex projects or projects where getting to points is difficult or not safe. Information needed is then extracted from the point cloud and transferred into AutoCAD or other software for use in the project.

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