Topographic Mapping

M2C understands that the success of any project is dependent on accurate and complete topographic mapping. With our background in engineering and surveying we work with our clients to prepare a comprehensive scope for topography projects. Our experienced field staff execute mapping using field–to-finish coding, which helps eliminate error and reduced the time spent in the drafting process. 

Boundary and ALTA Land Title Surveys

Boundary and ALTA surveys are a key element to projects. Whether it is for purchasing, modifying a site, or solving a boundary use issue. M2C recognizes the value of careful research, experience in boundary projects. M2C also strives to be available to clarify issues as necessary. If boundary issues do exist, we have the experience to assist our clients in resolving them. We understand boundary line adjustments, binding site plans, easements and other segregation techniques.

Record of Surveys In Accordance with State Law

M2C routinely files our surveys with the County Auditor’s Office as required by law. We use a checklist in reviewing our surveys before recording them to be sure we have covered all elements.

Legal Descriptions and Easement Preparation

M2C has the skills and knowledge to prepare legal descriptions and easements for many applications. Whether for a new waterline easement, or a legal description for the segregation of a piece of property, our surveyors understand how to write and prepare these documents. We routinely assists our clients by preparing right-of-way dedication deeds and exhibits for their projects. Including submittals to the City of Olympia, Lacey and Tumwater.

Aerial Mapping

When aerial mapping is needed, M2C works with aerial mapping firms to provide the aerial flight, and process the aerial mapping data. M2C provides the horizontal and vertical control for the aerial photography and the verify the quality of the aerial data provided. We also incorporate aerial mapping data with conventional ground mapping data to create a complete base map including contours, surface features, utilities, property lines, and other necessary information.

Monitoring Survey

M2C understands the need for precise and accurate measurements when monitoring for horizontal and vertical movement. We choose the right equipment; prepare the appropriate methodologies for the desired tolerances needed, and execute a work plan that incorporates both equipment and methods. Much of monitoring involves setting unique monuments in unique ways to monitor buildings and other features and we have the experience necessary. We pride ourselves on finding innovative ways to accomplish such task while maintaining sound practice!

Laser Scanning

Laser scanning is relatively new technology that M2C uses for complex projects well suited for laser scanning, or projects where acquiring the necessary data is hazardous. Laser scanning uses line of sight lasers to collect large numbers of points (10s to 100s of thousands of points per second) for a site from multiple perspectives as needed. The points from each perspective are then combined at the office into a single point cloud. The combined data provides the necessary 3D data, and the information needed is extracted from the point cloud and transferred into AutoCAD or other software for use in the project.

Forensic Surveying

Working with Police and accident investigators M2C uses state-of-the-art equipment to map key features as directed by the investigators at accident scenes. Blair Prigge is the lead surveyor on accident scenes and his experience mapping sites includes fatalities involving commercial vehicles, busses, pedestrians and bicyclists. Blair’s communication with the investigator and other responding parties is a key element to the successful completion of a forensic survey. M2C often arrives before the scene is fully secured and assists in providing cones and directing traffic.